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Heart Shaped Chocolate Nail Art Tutorial


Chocolate and hearts always go very well with each, this tutorial is very good easy do and only needs a few colors to get you there. This is more of a fun design for your nails and you can add more to it or change the colors around. You will need brown, red, white nail polish. I advise to use ... Read More »

Bronze Elegant Eyeshadow Tutorial

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Very interesting and elegant eye tutorial, that involves the very bright and strong appearance of the bronze eye shadow. It is a good choice for day out with friends or any big event’s that you don’t know what to do with your eyes with that beautiful outfit that seems so hard to match. You will need: White, Bronze ,Black Eye ... Read More »

Straw Nail Design in Only 7 Steps


If you are into abstract nail designs then I am sure you will love this one we are about to show you. It looks gorgeous and ┬áthe best thing of all, you can mix-match your own favourite colours. You will need: pink, purple, orange, beige nail polishes, clear top coat, scotch tape, as well as a straw. Begin by painting ... Read More »

Elegant Princess Eyeshadow Tutorial


We all (women) have dreamed of being a princess living in a beautiful castle filled with luxury and style and what’s best then a gorgeous makeup look to match with the dream! Instructions: Begin by applying primer and then add some light brown eyeshadow to your eyelid but try to focus mainly on your cut crease and then apply a ... Read More »

Dior Inspired Manicure Tutorial


Dior has inspired many of us into bettering ourselves when it comes to looks and dressing nicely. Although dior is a luxury brand that not many can afford, there are other reason to why follow the fashion runways and that is to get inspired. In the above nail tutorial we will show you how we got inspired into creating this ... Read More »

Natural Eyeshadow Tutorial


very faded background that works very well with the eyeliner. By applying the black eye shadow very lightly on the eyebrow bone, you will create a very natural look that is great just to use for your daily routine, going out with friends or just simply going to work. You also need a light brown eye shadow and black eyeliner. ... Read More »