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Arabian Princess Bun Hairstyle Tutorial


Arabian princesses are gorgeous and always stylish but there is one thing that┬ácharacterize them all, and that is the famous braided bun! As you can see from the tutorial below, it looks absolutely amazing and we are going to show you all the steps on how to do this all by yourself: Instructions: Begin by pulling your hair into a ... Read More »

How to: Fake Long Ponytail (No extensions)


Long ponytails usually look better than the short one, but unfortunately not everyone has that much of long hair; especially as when pulling your hair into a ponytail usually makes your hair length look shorter! And I know that there are fake ponytail extensions and let me tell you, I’ve tried it all! I putted my long fake extension ponytail ... Read More »

How To Do Red Rose Water Marble Nails


Get the beauty of rose on your nails by doing the water marble nail trick! It is easy to do and once you learn the technique, you can create numberless designs. You will need: white nail polish, tape, black and red nail polishes, a cup of water (room temperature). Instructions: Begin by apply the base on your nails (white nail ... Read More »

Date Night Side Braid Tutorial


Either for a night date or a special ocassion, this gorgeous side braided hairstyle will never let you down. It is a perfect modern look with a twist of vintage. Follow the instructions below to achieve the look: Instructions: With the rat tail comb spit the hair on both sides of the fringe. From the front of the forehead place ... Read More »

Textured French Twist for Short/Medium Hair


Most of hair tutorials focus on hairstyles that require long hair but not all of us have long hair, me for example, I have short ones and I love it! But at the same time I don’t like it when i need to go to a special occasion and keep my hair the same style as when i go to ... Read More »

Summer Night Eyeshadow Tutorial


As the title indicates, this is the perfect eyeshadow for summer night parties full of light and sparkles! Instructions: Begin by applying primer over your eyelid and then add mate yellow eyeshadow right in the mid of your eyelid and then apply orange eyeshadow next to the yellow eyeshadow on both sides such as shown in the third picture. Apply ... Read More »