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4 Different French Nail Designs


French nail designs are the go-to styles for business women, to brides to be. They look classy and absolutely gorgeous. Below we will show you four different french nail designs you can create at the comfort of your home simply by using white nail polish, clear top coat and tape (or a thin brush). For a natural nail look try ... Read More »

Step-By-Step Tutorial for Highlight and Contour


Highlighting and contouring are two of the best makeup tricks you can master; not only they can ‘transform’ the way you look by highlighting the best features of your face but makes your skin look flawless as well. Below we will show you how to apply foundation, highlight  and contour your face like a pro. Begin by applying foundation as ... Read More »

Blue and Yellow Pictorial Makeup


Get your eyes sparkle with beauty by applying this pictorial makeup that is going to be your number one choice for whatever event you might attend. It is very creative and once you get started, you will love how easy this all is. Follow the instructions below: Begin by applying primer over your eyelids and then using black pencil or ... Read More »

Mohawk Fishtail Hairstyle Tutorial


You can never go wrong with fishtail  because they are always ‘in’ when it comes to fashionable hairstyles but I am sure not many of you are familiar with the steps needed to be taken to achieve the final result; and that’s okay because I never knew how to do one either but today we will show you how to ... Read More »

Maroon and Black Winged Eyeshadow Tutorial


What a way to make your eyes look exotic for evening events such as clubbing or when attending a wedding and you want to get that chic and stylish look without much effort. There is only two colours that you will need and those are:  beige and maroon. Black eyeliner, thin and medium brush. Firstly draw a thick line over ... Read More »