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Easy Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial

rainbow eyes

1. Firstly prime your eyes and draw with a white eye pencil a desirable shape of your future rainbow eyeliner. White pencil will make the colours brighter and will help them to last longer; 2. The first colour I used was yellow, but you can choose any you want. Use a synthetic eyeliner brush for easy application and dab it ... Read More »

Big Anime Eyes Makeup Tutorial

big anime eyes tutorial

1. The very first step is to create a bigger `shape` for our eyes. Line up your eyes with a black eye pencil, stepping a bit out of your natural lash lines. 2. Set the eye pencil with black eye shadows using a small synthetic brush. 3. Now we will create a fake crease above our natural crease. I used ... Read More »

Plump Juicy Lips Tutorial

plump lips tutorial

1. First of all we need to prepare the skin of our lips. Gently scrub them with the soft tooth brush or use a sugar lips scrub. After apply a lip balm to moisturize them. 2. Now start to create a desirable plumper shape for your lips by outlining them with a lip liner. 3. Fill in your lips with ... Read More »