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Little Squares Nail Design Tutorial


1-Prepare the nail by cleaning and shaping it if necessary 2-Now using a thin brush and black nail polish paint a thin straight line vertically in the middle such as shown below 3- Add another two lines one on each side and then paint the little squares such as indicated. Once everything has dried bring closer your favourite nail polish ... Read More »

Flipped Ponytail Braid Tutorial


When it comes to braided hairstyles we all know they look fabulous, but can they be too common? Maybe, depends on the style you chose. The tutorial below is going to show you how to create a fabulous braid by flipping your hair Begin by wrap the front/top hair into a small ponytail and then using two fingers open a ... Read More »

Purple Golden Makeup Tutorial


1-Begin with a prepared eyelid (primer) and then apply dark purple eyeshadow on your cut crease such as shown on the second picture. 2-Apply white pencil over the eyelid just below the purple eyeshadow 3- Blend the white pencil a bit; the white pencil is used to highlight the golden eyeshadow you will apply on top of it 4-Once you ... Read More »

Stylish Brown Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial


I first heard of Lana Del Rey back in 2012 with her famous song summertime sadness. I fell in love with the song instantly and since then i have tried to follow every single of her songs because she has an unique style. But that style comes with her makeup too. If you notice her eyes look deep and gorgeous, ... Read More »

Purple Pastel Flower Nail Tutorial


1-Paint your nails using the lightest shade possible of purple pastel and let them dry. 2-Now grab a light purple pastel (darker than the first one) and paint three irregular big dots on the tip of the nail such as shown on the first picture. 3-Using pink pastel nail polish fill the gap between the dots 4-Get a light golden ... Read More »

How to Contour With Podwer


Contour can be fun and the final result makes it all worth it but for beginners it is recommend to start by using powder contouring kits because it is easier to blend and you can manage better how and where to apply it, blend it and work with it. Begin by applying foundation and once finished blending it ¬†get a ... Read More »