Chinese Gender Chart-it’s said to be over 90% accurate in predicting baby’s gender


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Royal Blue Smokey Eye Tutorial


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4 DIY Short Jeans Projects

DIY denim short

Tired from your old jeans but don’t want to throw them away? You don’t have to! Because we will show you 4 easy projects you can learn in order to transform the old long jeans into hot short summer ones. Simply look at the picture below and you will be able to find out which design is the right one …

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Needle Marbling Tutorial


We all love easy nail designs that don’t take much time to create and look absolutely gorgeous. The nail design below is one of my favourite for the very same reason. All you need are: red nail polish, white nail polish, a needle or a pointed tool and clear top coat if you like. Instructions: Apply red nail polish to …

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Highlighting and Contouring Trick

large (1)

1-Apply moisturiser on your face and then add foundation; make sure to blend it well 2-Now grab the highlighter and apply it on the forehead, on top of your nose, under the eyes and chin 3- Get the bronzer and apply it on separated lines across the forehead, cheekbones, under chin (on the sides of highlighter) and sides of the …

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Kylie Jenner Smudgy Eye Makeup Inspired Tutorial


When it comes to Kardashian sisters, there are mixed emotions among ‘fans’ and people in general but what seem to have dragged a lot of attention lately, is Kylie Jenner’s makeup. Her way of keeping things simple and stylish is what makes other girls love her looks and below I will share on of the simplest tutorials ever! 1-Apply primer …

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