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Elegant Hairstyle Tutorial

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A very simple hair style that fits well and is simple to do. All you need is; Tail Comb, Hair Clips, Few Bobbie Pins and Hair Straightener. Here are a few steps to help you get there: Comb the hair straight back and then grab a hand full of hair from the back of the hair. Fold the hair forward, ... Read More »

Guide To Getting Natural Looking Lips


A very nice dark look for the the lips it really does darkness the natural color of the lips. You well need; Lady rose color lipstick, moisturizer and just these few Steps: Apply moisturizer to all around your lips and let dry. Now apply the lady rose, I suggest to firstly do a outline of your lips and then fill ... Read More »

Smoky Purple Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial


Purple is has always been a very unique color and when used properly it can really work well the eyes. You will need; Light purple eye make up, liquid black pen and of course some mascara. Apply the purple to the top of the eyelid and the bottom as well. I suggest drawing a outline around the top eyelid then ... Read More »

Beautiful Heart and Zebra Nail Art – DIY


Very simple heart tutorial green is really a great background color in this piece and it goes with the dark and bright colors. You will need; Green Nail Polish, Black Nail Polish, Pink and White Nail Polish. Paint all the nails green and let dry.  Apply 2 dots parallel to each other down the nail and 2 either side on ... Read More »

Easy Step By Step Updo – DIY Hairstyle


A very intelligent and charming hairstyle that works with any big event dress and it is SO SIMPLE. You only need Handful of Bobby pins, Hair Clips and Hairspray. Here are a few steps; Grab a handful of hair from both sides of the head. Pull back the 2 sections of hair you have in your hands to the middle ... Read More »

Cute And Easy Side Twisted Bun Tutorial


One of the most elegant buns of all is the twisted bun. It is so sophisticated that you can successfully wear it to any important event, especially with business attires. It might look complicated to make but it is easier than it looks like as you twist the hair in opposite directions and basically this is all. You need long ... Read More »