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How to Apply Black Eyeshadow Like a Pro


Black is a mysterious and sensual colour that matched with everything! It is a must try but many of us try to avoid it because we don’t know how to apply it properly. You don’t have to worry any more because we got you covered. You can either use eyeshadow or cream; for more precise cut crease, I’d recommend you ... Read More »

Tie Dye Nail Tutorial


This tie dye nail design is perfect for your nails because it is unique and it looks like it’s done by a pro! But the truth is that everyone can do this. It’s very simple to create and all you need is two different nail polishes, and white base. We chose yellow, light blue, and green nail polish for a ... Read More »

Creative Blue and Green Side Flower


It might look like a lot of work to create this flower nail design but in reality its not. Once you get started, you will find the steps to be easier. Simply follow the instructions below and always remember, you can use your own favourite nail polish colours. Instructions: Begin by preparing your nails (cleaning, filing, shaping ect). Now grab ... Read More »