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Blue Smoky Eyeshadow Tutorial


Very mysterious look to the eyes, the dark blue eyed shadow or cream can really enhance your feautures for all special events. You will need nude eyeshadow, blue eyeshadow and a black pencil (of course black mascara as well). Around the eyebrow bone apply the nude eyeshadow using a brush and continue blending gently. Now with the blue fill in the top ... Read More »

Winged Eyeliner Tutorial


Eyeliner has an old origine dating back in the old Egypt, therefore this awesome beauty trick has become an inseparable part of daily beauty routine for many women, including myself. It is a fresh look that can be creating using only a black pencil or black liquid eyeliner. For the perfect wing, paint a straight line at the end and ... Read More »

Taped Purple Nail Art Tutorial


The tape nail design below is easy to follow and once you get started you will realise the infinite options you have when mixing up the colours, although for this specific tutorial, purple will be our main choice. Instructions: Begin by applying white nail polish and let them dry completely. Get a piece of striping tape and place it right ... Read More »

ZigZag Nail Design Tutorial


Very simple nail design and the waves really do bring both the dark and light colors out together. All you have to do is purchase some wave nail tape, or get a normal scotch tape and cut it on a zigzag shape using scissors, ocean blue and black nail polishes. Instructions: Paint all your nails using ocean blue nail polish and ... Read More »

Easy Pastel Floral Nail Art Tutorial


Your having a dull day and don’t know what you can do with your nails after your cleaning routine. Well, here is a creative and simple way to bring them out to the world. All you need is beige, pink pastel and ocean blue nail polish. Instructions: Apply the beige polish to all the nails and let them dry. Starting ... Read More »

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger


Having small eyes is not a big deal but when applying makeup you might notice that certain makeup designs can make them look smaller, or bigger! Big bright eyes look dolly and can make anyone’s face shine with beauty. Instructions: Begin by applying nude eyeshadow over your eyelid and then apply some brown eyeshadow by the edges. Apply white pencil ... Read More »